Monday, November 14, 2011

Ice Cream Comet's

Wow have you ever had ice cream with lots of topping? room fifteen has. We made ice cream comets with Mr Marks.

When everyone came in from playing we saw a big box of icy cold chocolate flavoured
ice cream, chocolate sprinkles and different flavoured cookies. We didn’t know what we were going to do. Then Mr Marks told us we were going to make ice cream comets.

Since a comet is made out of ice and dust, we used the ice cream as the ice and the cookies and sprinkles as the dust. I thought making ice cream comets would help us remember what comets are made out of.

The equipment we used were forks, an ice cream scoop, a rolling pin, some plastic bags for the table and another plastic bag for the cookies. Mr Marks used the ice cream scoop to scoop up the icy cold ice cream, we used the forks to keep our ice on the cone, we used the rolling pin to smash, bash and crush the cookies into shattered pieces and the plastic bag was used to put the cookies inside it, so we can smash it.

Mr Marks handed out some cones, as soon as everyone had a cone Mr Marks scooped out the first ball of icy cold chocolate ice cream. All the students in class wanted to get the first ice cream. When the first person had dunked their ice cream into the dust, everyone had impatient stomach’s. When I ate my ice cream comet, I had different textures in my mouth.

At the end we were all scavenging for more. When we finished, there were lots of muddy tools on the fish. I enjoyed slurping my ice cream comet and I also enjoyed dunking my ice cream into the yummy rocks and dust.