Wednesday, March 21, 2012


WD: Wing Defense
WA: Wing Attack
GS: Goal Shoot
GK: Goal Keep
GA: Goal Attack
GD: Goal Defense
C: Center

I have been reading a story called Teamwork. It is about a girl called Ina, and it is her first time playing with her netball team. At the end of the story they all learn how to work to together. Here is a netball court that shows where they stand and here is a key sign.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Our Amazing Camp

Wow, its finally camp. I have been waiting 8 total weeks for this amazing camp.

My favorite thing was going kayaking down at Pt England Beach. When we got there Mr Burt was waiting for us so he can show us how to hold the paddle, how to steer the kayak, and how to get in the kayak.

The thing I'm most looking forward to the most today is, going roller blading and playing table tennis. The reason why is because I really like trying new thing and I just love playing table tennis.

Tomorrow I'm looking forward to got to Panmure Pools. Well it has been a great start to a amazing camp. I hope I could go camp every single day.

Monday, March 12, 2012


I have been reading a story about caterpillars. Here are 4 drawing to show you a life cycle of a Caterpillar.

Year 5, 6 camp.

Wow, its only 2 more days until the year 5,6 camp. I'm so excited.

The thing I'm looking forward to is to go to swimarama. I just can't wait to relax and chat with my friend.

One thing I'm a little anxious about, is going on the stage for our concert. The reason why, is because we haven't really got all our dance moves, hope it pays off.

My goal for this years camp, is to look after my things properly so I don't get in trouble.

Thursday, March 8, 2012


Hooray, its finally Thursday. Today we start our new sports, Netball. It started raining so, we had to have netball in the hall. We practiced doing some chest passes, bounce passes, one hand passes and over head passes, after that we played a game.

I really like Thursdays because then I know its nearly the weekends. After school on Thursdays, if its raining, I just watch T.V, or sleep. At home, its normally just eat, sleep, read,
study or watch T.V.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Finally, its Wednesday. I woke up feeling really exited knowing that we have cricket today. Every Wednesday morning room 17 have cricket on the netball courts with Hamnet. It was the best Wednesday morning ever. Today was our last day of cricket.

After school I watched T. V and then I read a book. Normally I just get home and sleep but today, I felt really really energetic. When I finished jetting changed I asked my Dad if me and my sisters can play outside. Sadly he said no, so I just started jumping up and down the house.


Tuesday another day just like Monday, but today the year 5 and 6’s have a star test. A star test is when you do one page of questions and then wait for everybody else to finish, then you do it again. For some people tests are boring, but me, I absolutely love doing tests. I thought that was the most interesting thing at school on Tuesday.

After school, me, my sisters and my Dad went to the beach. My Dad was fishing and we were playing in the sand. We went to the beach everyday that week. That is what I did on Tuesday.

Friday, March 2, 2012

A Week in the Life of Lisia, a year 6 student.

Every single Monday morning at 6.00am or 7.00am I wake up feeling really tired. I get ready for school, then me and my two sisters start walking to school. Normally a typical Monday morning at Pt England as a year 6 is to do reading and writing when school starts, then the bell rings for morning tea. After morning tea we have quick 20, maths and then library, at the library we have to get two books, one to read at school and one to read at home.

When we get back from the library It’s normally time for Lunch, for some people lunch is their favorite thing at school. After lunch we have to finish of some of the unfinished work from the week before that. Finally we get to go home. At home I have a shower then I either watch T.V, go to sleep or eat.