Thursday, July 11, 2013

Twisted Fairytale Movie Storyboard

This is the storyboard to the movie that might be posted on my blog next. Our movie is a twisted fairytale, Goldey Locks and the three bears. 

Type of Shot
Voice Over
Title: Once, there lived a girl - Close up
Once lived a girl named Paris
Close up on Monike
Establishing Shot - 3 secondsWide - long shot
that had beautiful golden locks she was as tall as a tree and had amazing brown eyes.
Monike standing in the green screen room, and the green screen would, be of a kingdom Lisia will draw.

Close Up
she was born with golden hair
close up of the girl with Monike’s golden/blonde hair.
A camera shot from one of the brunet peoples view. For only 2 seconds
this was a problem because everyone in the kingdom were brunets
her in the middle of a circle. Odd one out cause she is the only one with golden/blonde hair.
Wide shot - 3 seconds
So at the age of 12 she gets kicked out of her own kingdom
Her Mum (Queen - Kaycee) kicking her out of the kingdom/school.
Title - Forced to live in a mountain
Forced to live in a mountain
Monike sitting on a little hill thing.

she found a boy
Monike acting like she found her brother (Richard).
This particular boy was in fact her long lost brother....
Monike and richard playing a game or 21 questions.      
they finished asking questions about each other and leave together.
Title - SEE THE MOVIE....
4 of september
Title - ....NEVER!  
but for real never!!!!!...

Final Shot - leaves audience wanting to see your movie.
The scene of Monike and Sonny fading away into blackness ...

Monday, July 8, 2013

Twisted Fairytale Writing

In the senior block, we have been working in our creative strand and Literacy groups again. Last week the A team were in our Literacy, Reading and Writing strand again. For Writing with Miss Squire's, we had to write a twisted fairytale in a group of three or two. 

At first, I started to write one on my own about Hansel and Gretel, then I got together with Hosanah and Tyla and we came up with this. 

"Reporter state, girl with Golden locks being chased out of the forest by three lions. She stole a pot of porridge. Her story was that it wasn't her fault. She had been living on a mountain with only what nature had provided.”

Reporter: “Why were you living on a mountain?” Paris: “At the age of twelve I was kicked out of my own kingdom for the golden locks I was born with. It was not my fault everybody else was brunet. I was forced to live in a mountain..


Monday, July 1, 2013

Spoken Word

This morning in our literacy strand, we had Joshua Iosefo come in to help us with writing. We learnt that our voices are valuable and also how to express our feelings. Joshua also told us that 'Theres no limit to writing'. He asked us "If you could say anything to the world, what would it be?" at first I was confused but then my brain clicked and this is what I wrote.

First we wrote about a scribble that Joshua randomly drew on the board. 

The scribble on the board  is very messy and makes me confused and interesting in a way. It sort represents my messy room.  

Then he told us to write about anything we want and it was allowed to be about anything at all. It could be personal and also not personal.  

A problem for me is that many people get teased about where they come from or the colour of their skin. When people tease me about being dark, I wouldn't really care but if was to someone else I would get really offended.............. My name is Lisia and I think racism should be stopped.