Thursday, March 28, 2013

Picking Harakeke (Flax)

Last week on Thursday, Room 19 walked down to Omaru Creek to pick some flax. We walked down there so we could pick some flax and to learn the protocols/rules of picking flax. Harakeke is a treasure to Moari people because they used it for things like clothing, baskets and many more.

When we got there Miss Tito started telling us some rules. Some of the rules she told us were not to pick flax when its raining or at night. But the most important rule was to not pick the Pepi (Baby), Whaea (Mum) and the Matua (Dad). If you do, then the whole bush would die and that's just not good.

After discussing the rules, we went off with our partners to pick flax so we could weave some putiputi (flower) when we get back to school. My partner and I got flax from a harakeke bush that no one else got flax from, we actually some good looking flax.

Walking back to school I felt excited that I was going to make a putiputi for the first time. Finally we got to school after what seemed like a long walk carrying the flax. Miss T showed us how to strip it and prepare it for weaving. She showed us how to split it into four stripes. Then, I had to leave for choir practice which is fun but I really wanted to make a flax flower.

Not being able to make a putiputi made me feel sad but luckily I got to do something else that is fun like choir practice. Hopefully the next time my class gets a chance to do something cool, I would be involved in it.

Monday, March 11, 2013

School Picnic

Guess what, Pt England School walked down to Pt England Reserve for our school picnic last week. This happens every year so that the students, teachers and other adults can bond.

Walking down to Pt England beach, I felt excited. But then started wondering, what I should do first. When we got there everyone had to wait for Mr. Burt to tell us where we were allowed to go and where not to go, when he finished, the school had to find a place to sit. When we did, the first thing I did was eat my lunch.

After eating a whole lot of food Jorja, Levi and I wondered off wanting to do something exciting. As we were walking, Mr. Barks called us and asked if we wanted to learn how to fly a kite, we all said YES. First it was Levi. When I got the chance to fly the kite it felt like I was going to be pulled up into the air. It was scary but at the same time fun.

My favourite thing that day was playing ball tiggy with Jorja, Tyla, Gloria, Kaycee and Neo. Even though it didn't even last 10 minutes, it was still fun. It was fun because you can get tagged easily and there was heaps of action. 

At the end of the day I felt really tired but happy that mostly everyone got along. I am really looking forward for next years picnic.