Thursday, May 17, 2012

Starry Starry Night

Have you ever seen a painting so beautiful? Well I’m sure I haven’t. Starry Starry Night was painted by a poor dutch man named Vincent Van Gogh in the year 1889. It is about the same size as the well known painting Sunflowers.

In this very well known painting I can see that there are many objects in the foreground and background. As you can see, in the front there are at least 13 small houses, trees and a church with a tall steeple. When I look at the background, I can see a bright yellow crescent moon with exaggerated swirly stars.

The main colour in Starry Starry Night is blue, but yellow stands out the most. I think yellow stands out because the village is dark. Vincent must of used a lot of colours, like yellow, blue, red, green, purple, black and white.

A church steeple and a tall curving cypress tree. These two objects are the things that stands out, besides from the stars. They both point up to the sky and I think that balances the painting out.

This is the end but make sure you check out my next blogpost to see my Starry Starry Night painting.

Friday, May 11, 2012


“Come on,” I wanted to shout out to everyone in the classroom, I was just excited. Even though we still had time to do some other things before we went to the pools.

Finally it was time, time to start walking to the pools for our first swimming lesson. As we were walking, all I could hear are excited chattering kids and rustling plastic bags. Constantly stopping, we had to wait for th slow people to catch up.

When we got to the pools I hurried to the changing rooms, quickly got changed and had an extremely fast shower to rinse myself off. As I got out of the changing room I expectedly I smelt the stench of chlorine and chemicals as I was walking carefully to Miss Garden, hoping that I won’t slip and fall into the pool. When I finally arrived at the medium sized pool I looked down at the water and I started getting butterflies and I nearly fainted.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Anzac Biscuits

For the last two weeks, two groups have been learning about Anzac Biscuits. This is a picture of an Anzac Biscuit tin. I had to draw it on either a piece of paper or on Tux Paint.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Vincent Van Gogh

This term in our Art Alive unit, Room 17 have been researching about a famous artist called Vincent Vain Gogh.

This very poor man suffered from depression. He often shows it on his paintings.

Though depression, Vincent cut of his earlobe and gave it to his girlfriend, but she didn't like it.

The famous artist Vincent Van Gogh was born in 1835 in Holland, and sadly he died in the year 1890 at a young age of 37.
Starry Starry Night.


 Almond Tree in Bloom.

Vincent Van Gogh Sunflowers

This extremely valuable piece of art was painted by the artist Vincent Van Gogh in the year 1888. The size of his painting is at least 73 x 92 cm, it is called Sunflowers. Van Gogh used oil paint to draw this picture.

On this painting you could see big, fat, bold lines just popping out. Sometimes Gogh wouldn’t have enough money to afford food and paint so would starve for a week or more. 

 If you were ever to feel Vincent’s painting, all you will feel is lumps. This extremely famous artist would've used a lot of paint. That is how he got the brush stokes so thick. 

When I look at this painting it makes me feel joyful when I’m down in the dumps. The only thing I didn’t like is that it is a still painting, I prefer outdoor drawings. When you look closely at his paintings you will see that he picked half old flowers and half new flowers.

Vincent Van Gogh painted Sunflowers for a reason. Vincent bought a little yellow house and his friend Paul Gauguin was going to be his flatmate. Van Gogh painted at least 4 sunflower paintings to decorate his friends yellow room.

Well, this is the end of my writing so I bet you know heaps about Vincent Van Gogh.