Thursday, June 26, 2014

GJKLT - Smart Footprint

This is a movie that Kaycee, Jorja, Tyla, Gloria and I created to help others with leaving a smart footprint. 

The Present: Chapter 13 Screen play

This is a Screen play that Kaycee, Tyla and myself created not long ago as part of our reading activity. It is from a chapter in a book we have recently read called "The Present". This particular chapter is about a girl named Julie and her mother having an argument about Julies dog. The night before this argument happened, Julies dog, (Rudy), bit Julies mother because he thought she was going to hurt Julie. Just watch and see what happened next.

Monday, June 23, 2014

Tech @ T.C

Tamaki College and Pt England School are very close friends. Because of this, our year 7 & 8’s take Technology Down at Tamaki College. Along side some of the other schools in our community who attend on different days than we do.   
    For all of you reading that don’t know what that is, it is when we walk down to Tamaki to take 3 different classes. Food Tech, Graphics and Hard Materials (personally I enjoy Food Tech the most). Half of our syndicate goes on Tuesdays and the others (like myself) go on Thursdays.

We recently changed classes and along with my friends we are in Hard materials with Mr Grundy. For this,we are working on making a stained glass image that is made out of straight lines and straight lines only.  

The design I am working on is a house. The tools we are using to create our stained glass of artwork is a glass cutter, a match and a ruler that is about the same size as the piece of clear glass we are given to practice on.

I am starting to actually cut straight lines. Very soon I am hoping to move on to the next step, which is being able to grind the glass so that it is not sharp for when we put this special copper foil on the edges of it. This will help up reassemble the pieces at the end.
I think Hard Materials is the hardest subject out of the three. Because of all the hard thinking you’ll have to do before doing anything else. Plus, for this particular experiment, your cuts have to be precise, or else you’ll have to everything AGAIN. But in the meantime, I will be looking forward to having a pretty stained glass house at the end of the term.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Smart Footprint

Here are some tips on always being cyber smart. Hopefully this will help you!

1. Always be ORIGINAL and never not be AWESOME
2. Be careful what you search
3. Remember that you are NEVER invisible on-line
4. Always say nice things when you are posting something


This morning here in class 1, we had 5 minutes to think about what we were going to write and 5 minutes to plan, and then 40 minutes to write our story. I chose write a fictional narrative. This is what I could complete in 40 minutes.

Walking down the dark and foggy alley ways of London, quadruplets Tyla, Paula, Gloria and Howard were making their way home from a night at the movies. When suddenly their gigantic husky Brownie, growled at them. Only then did they realise that they were going to be late getting home.

“Hurry!” Tyla exclaimed, “If we get home after 8, we’ll get in trouble.” Gloria, Paula and Howard didn’t really care so Tyla just stormed off into the fog with Brownie. Being the loving and compassionate brother he is, Paula ran after Tyla and Brownie, to see if they get home alright.

After a while, Gloria checked the time on her iPhone 5 and it said - 7.45pm. So she demanded, “We should get home now, before dad gets mental again.” “OKAY” Howard said with a frown on his face, so they made their way home.

After some debate about who will knock on the door, Howard knocks, and Mr Brown opens the door with a worried face. “Where is Paula, Tyla and Brownie?” he asked. “Uhmm... they left before we did, we thought they would already be at home by now?” Howard pronounced very confused.

Meanwhile, Tyla, Paula, and Brownie were somewhere no child would ever want to be.