Friday, May 24, 2013

Fortified Foods

Room 19 students have given 2 words to research and make a presentation to show everyone about it. Here is a screenshot of my presentations about Fortified Foods. I hope you like it.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Reading Reflection 2

Reflection 2 
TITLE: Just Jack
AUTHOR: Adele Broadbent
Pages 13 - 24
The main character in the story is a boy named Jack.Based on way Kenny treats Jack, I predict that might become friends, even though Kenny is mean to Jack and thinks he can tell him what to do and that but they have heaps in common and my cousin was like that to me but we are the best of cousins.Not knowing what will happen in the end just makes me want to read more and more.

Fun Run Training

During the past 2 weeks, the senior block has been training for a Fun Run that we're doing at the end of the term. We have been running the reserve behind our school but it's only not even close to what we have to run on the day.

On the first time we did it with Room 15, we didn't know why but then we got told at the end. Luckily I had friends in that class that I could run with. In the end I was very proud of myself because I didn't think I could run 1k in under 10 minutes.

The second time we did it was just our class, we had Ms Squires as our teacher. At the end she told us that that was the fasted any class has ever done that. We were pretty proud of ourselves and when we told Ms Tito, she was proud of us too.

Maybe the next time we do this, maybe today, we could do better and hopefully earn points for our class.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Will.I.Am's Surprise Visit

Have you ever heard of the Back Eyed Peas? If you have then you probably know who is. He came to Pt England to give a cheque of $100,000 to the Manaiakalani Education Trust. This huge amount of money was donated to us by because he believes that we will the future inventors.

As arrived so did other 6 principals and a few students from those schools too. Watching him walk through the hall doors got everybody really excited, even the teachers. It was all very overwhelming.

As Will.I.Am was finishing his speech, I realised it was nearly is time.. time to hand over the cheque. The Principals and students made there way up on to the stage to stand next to so it could be that we are all receiving the cheque.

After assembly everybody went to class as fast as they could. This was all so that he could visit there classroom. We were all very excited. Unfortunately he went to room 21 & 22 but not our class. It was a bummer.

Even though he didn't come to our class, I'm still grateful that he came to our school. But it's better than being away on the day, just like how Ms Tito was. Hopefully next time a cool famous singer comes to our school, Ms Tito will be here.

Maths Whizz Update

In Maths Whiz I am currently working on Place Value. Place Value isn't a strength of mine but I'm ready to give it my best shot. Wish Me Luck.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Reading Reflection

TITLE: Just Jack
AUTHOR: Adele Broadbent
Pages 1- 13

This book is about a boy named Wee Jack Baines who is tired of living in his brothers shadow so for his 14th birthday his parents let him go to Hastings to live with a man named Mr MacKenzie. This is so Jack can fulfill his dream of becoming a jockey. When he arrived at Hastings no one was there to pick him up there only just a note leading him to Mr MacKenzie’s stables.
Later in the story, I think that Jack will become a great jockey and make his family proud especially his big brother Robert and his uncle Onslow.
I'm really enjoying reading this and just can’t wait to read what happens in the end.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

What My Friends Say About Me

On the last day of Term 1 room 19 played a game including paper being stuck on to our backs,writing and positive comments.

One of the things someone said about me that I am funny and pretty at the same time. I think they may have said this because I love laughing as much as I do making people laugh.

Another thing is that someone wrote that they love my singing voice. They probably said this because I love singing and I have been singing for a long time now. I get my singing talents from my Dad.

I really enjoyed doing this activity and I think we should play this every single last day of term. The thing I enjoyed the most was writing down positive things about people.