Monday, July 8, 2013

Twisted Fairytale Writing

In the senior block, we have been working in our creative strand and Literacy groups again. Last week the A team were in our Literacy, Reading and Writing strand again. For Writing with Miss Squire's, we had to write a twisted fairytale in a group of three or two. 

At first, I started to write one on my own about Hansel and Gretel, then I got together with Hosanah and Tyla and we came up with this. 

"Reporter state, girl with Golden locks being chased out of the forest by three lions. She stole a pot of porridge. Her story was that it wasn't her fault. She had been living on a mountain with only what nature had provided.”

Reporter: “Why were you living on a mountain?” Paris: “At the age of twelve I was kicked out of my own kingdom for the golden locks I was born with. It was not my fault everybody else was brunet. I was forced to live in a mountain..



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