Thursday, November 20, 2014

Year 8 Camp


A few weeks ago, the year 8’s went on a two hour drive up north to Marsden Bay camp. On our way there we stopped off at Langs beach to take a break and to stretch our legs.

      After a short break and some morning tea, Ms Squires told us that we were going for a long refreshing bush walk. “Yes,” I thought then realized that she said its going to be long.

      Our bush walk had all the features of an “Adventure.” There was mud, rain, and even more MUD. The mud and rain caused a lot of slips and slides that made most us to fall. Just about everybody came out of the bush walk with battle scars.  Most of the other kids thought it was just down-right dangerous, but without the danger factor, it wouldn't have been one of my favorite about camp.

      My favourite thing about camp was the last night we spent there. Our groups had to prepare a short song to share with the rest of the groups at the camp fire. Our team - Marsden - did a remix of a couple of different songs and a marching in song that helped us score more points for our team. It was a very fun night!

      Another highlight of camp was getting to spend a whole week with my friends and also the year 8’s I don’t normally hang out with. From this camp I am going to take away a lot, from learning how to keep safe in the sun to a lot more friends.


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