Friday, March 2, 2012

A Week in the Life of Lisia, a year 6 student.

Every single Monday morning at 6.00am or 7.00am I wake up feeling really tired. I get ready for school, then me and my two sisters start walking to school. Normally a typical Monday morning at Pt England as a year 6 is to do reading and writing when school starts, then the bell rings for morning tea. After morning tea we have quick 20, maths and then library, at the library we have to get two books, one to read at school and one to read at home.

When we get back from the library It’s normally time for Lunch, for some people lunch is their favorite thing at school. After lunch we have to finish of some of the unfinished work from the week before that. Finally we get to go home. At home I have a shower then I either watch T.V, go to sleep or eat.


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