Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Have you played badminton before? Well guess what room fifteen has.
On Thursday’s room fifteen goes to badminton in the hall . When we get to the hall we have to listen to some instructions before we do anything. After we listen to the instructions we get to hit around the shuttle.

The equipment we use are shuttles and a racket. There were two different rackets, there was a small one and a long one. There is nothing else we have to use except our eyes and skills. The shuttles are made out of feathers so it can fly.

A couple of weeks later we played badminton soccer with a girl called Donna. When we played badminton soccer we had to pick a partner, I didn’t have a partner so Mr Marks was my partner. Badminton soccer was like real soccer but you don’t kick anything and there were no nets.

Later when we had to sit back on the floor we played mini badminton. There was only two nets so there was one net for girls and one net for boys. Mini badminton is just like the game badminton, but it’s mini and it’s not in the full court.

Most people enjoyed playing and learning how to play badminton. We also got to learn some new badminton hand skills. It was really exciting to learn badminton.


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