Thursday, August 1, 2013

An Awesome Birthday

"Get up, Get up!" I heard my sisters shout as I was still in bed, half-a-sleep. When I was fully a wake, I realized why they were waking me up so early..... IT WAS MY 12TH BIRTHDAY. After I cased out my sisters and got changed, my dad told me that we were going to go to my Uncle's house, I was so excited.

Arriving at my Uncle's house, I got a great big hug from my Aunts. It was a surprise, because I didn't know they knew it was my birthday. Later on, when all the food was ready and everyone stopped talking, my Uncle decided that it was time to bless the food.

My favourite part of that day was all the food we got to eat. I especially enjoyed eating chocolate cake and the new Whittaker's L&P White Chocolate.

Unfortunately, I had a least favourite part. That was when our entire church had a meeting, and my Aunty announced to everyone, that I turned 12 on that day. All because of that, my cousin next to me, started punching me, just cause I didn't tell her.

Even though I didn't get any presents, at least I had the love of my family.... and also a really good feed.


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