Friday, December 13, 2013


Big Question:
Having a netbook that is connected to the Internet has really helped me this year. Like in literacy, Mrs Lagitupu would say all these intelligent words I didn't understand or haven't even heard before. So I typed them into Google and it came up with the meaning.

Something I Discovered/Learnt on My Own
This year my little sister wanted a bracelet for her birthday, but I didn't have enough money to buy one. So I grabbed my netbook and searched up "how to make an awesome bracelet that's cheap", and a whole lot of different websites came up. I ended up making a really cool bracelet that I wanted to keep but had to give to my sister.

Something Special My Teacher Taught Me 
This year my teacher (Ms Tito) taught me to be a "PURPLE COW". Being a "PURPLE COW" is thinking outside the box, standing out and not being shy to be different. This has helped to sign up for choir/band and now I am known as a singer and not just a normal brown cow. I will remember to be a "PURPLE COW" forever.

Something Significant I taught Myself
One day when I was at the with my family, I nearly drowned. I first read on how to swim. But that wasn't enough, so I searched it up on the web and taught myself. The next thing I knew, I was swimming just as good as a dolphin.

Something My Friend Taught Me
My friend taught me how to take a screenshot on my netbook after it got re-imaged. I was in a hurry and really needed the photo for my writing. Now I know that you take screenshot by pressing SHIFT + CTRL + PRT SCREEN.

How I Helped Other Kids Learn This Year
Earlier this year, our class did Tuakana Teina (little brother/sister Big brother/sister) with a junior class. I helped my partner to read by telling her to spell out the words she didn't know.

How Have I Grown my Key Competencies through Using Digital Tools this Year?
I think it has helped me a lot. Because when I still had pencil and paper, it was hard for me to manage myself because my hands would always get sore. It has also helped me in my thinking too because most of the time when I have pencil and paper I think more about my hands and how they hurt so much.

You would probably think there is no down side of having a netbook that is connected to the Internet.... BUT, there is. The down side is that there are a whole lot of temptations to stop you from doing your work. LUCKILY, we have WATCH DOG.


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