Friday, February 14, 2014

Family Fun Time

Does your family get together to celebrate stuff? Well my family do, and on Waitangi day we gathered at my Uncles house to celebrate two recent birthdays and to have a BBQ.

As we arrived, one by one, the ones who were there early, got bored of waiting, so they decided to make up a game for us to play. My cousin’s  tied a couple of ropes together to make it long. Then they folded the rope in half to find the middle to tie a ribbon to it. Irene then introduced to everyone “ If you want to play tug of war? Gather round ”
Getting right in it, we had teams first but everyone got bored and so we had 1 on 1’s. When it came to my turn took two deep breaths, unsure if i was going to win or not. Looking up to the other side of the rope my cousin Piecca was standing there pumped up knowing that she is the undefeated and always will be.

“ 1, 2 ,3 PULL ! “ my cousin shouted, completely lost and in my own world, I quickly snapped out of hearing people chant “ PI-E-CCA, PI-E-CCA, “. I tugged and pulled and put all my weight on it, the next thing I knew people were chanting my name.

5 games later, people got sick of me winning so I gave up to play on the trampoline. Later on when I finished playing I stop to watch the rest of the tug of war challenges. Only then did I realise that all of the people I versed were not only older than me but was bigger and ( is meant to be ) stronger than I am.

All in all, it was a fun day and hopefully will happen again in the future.


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