Wednesday, April 4, 2012

My Frog Report

Do you know what animal is a herbivore when it is born and then it becomes a carnivore when it grows up? Well room 17 do, we have been learning about frogs and we had to write a little report. Heres my report, hope you like it.

Amphibians are a type of animal that lives both on water and land, it’s cold blooded, it’s a reptile and it lays eggs in the water. Most of the reptiles lay their eggs on the land and frogs have no scales. Although the native New Zealand frog does not live in water. When it’s babies are born, they are just froglets, so that means it does not go through the whole egg, tadpole process.

Frogs are mostly found where there are ponds, slow moving water, swamps, damp areas, under mossy rocks, logs and on wet leaves on the forest floor. If you have mentioned, all of these habitats are wet places. All frogs have to live in wet places or else their skin will dry out and they die.

Most frogs are small, and some are huge, but most things they have in common is that they all have no necks and moist skin. One thing that sometimes creeps me out is their bulging eyes. Did you know that frogs can look up, down, and to the side all at the same time.

If you don’t know why frogs have long legs, it’s so they can jump really far. An amazing fact about frogs is they can jump 20 times its size. Don’t you think that's amazing.

Generally, frogs have webbed feet to swim. But the native New Zealand frog doesn't need webbed feet because it doesn't swim. Some species of frog have sticky feet for climbing, and some even have ‘wings’ to fly!

Obviously frogs need to breath, they do that by absorbing air through their skin, as well as breathing through their noses. A frog can only breath 50% of air from their skin.

Have you ever wondered what a frogs life cycle is like. Well, the first thing that happens is a female frog and a male frog mate at the age of 3. After that they have over 5 thousand eggs. When most hatch eggs hatch, they are newly born tadpoles, after 6-9 weeks, they develop their front legs.

12 weeks later, they develop front legs and their tail shortens. Now the tadpole is called  a ‘Froglet’. When the froglet has no tail, then it is an adult. Later on, the adult frog will find a soulmate, it will mate and start another generation of frogs and tadpoles.

Now that you have read my story, I bet you know lots about frogs know. Hope liked reading my report about frogs.


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