Thursday, April 26, 2012

My Holiday Highlight

“Ahhh, finally it’s time to get back to school and write about my holidays,” I whispered to myself as I was waking up on Monday morning. I wanted to write about my holidays because it was really awesome. My church decided to go to the beach.

The first thing I did in my holidays was the most exciting thing ever, I went to Devonport at North Shore with my church for Good Friday. At first I thought I have Never been to Devonport but when I arrived at the beach I realised it was my third time there. Moana and Alice (my friends from church,) were already swimming so I just got changed and jumped into the freezing cold sea water.

Because the water was so cold, I only had a short but fun swim. When I was finally dry and warm I had something to eat with my friends and family. We all ate cassava, taro, potato salad, pig, crab salad, easter eggs, fruit salad, chocolate cake and ice - cream.

I’m bored, I quietly whispered to my friend Amanaki. An hour later, I was so fed up of waiting for something fun to happen so I just shot out of nowhere and shouted out “Who wants to play touch on sand?’’ “ Finally, there is someone that can actually be fun around here ” Moana and Alice happily shouted out. At the end everyone was so tired.

What I did on Good Friday with my church was so cool that I want to go to Devonport every single Easter Friday.


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