Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Chiefs vs Sharks

“Awesome!!! the chiefs won” I shouted out at the end of the Chiefs Vs Sharks game on Saturday. If you do not know what happened then keep reading and I will tell you what went on in Hamilton.

         When the game had just started the Sharks led the way but as the game went on the Chiefs started catching up. I thought the Sharks were going to win but when then the chiefs made a TRY. That is when I realised, “ THE CHIEFS GOING TO WIN!!!”

          When the Chiefs won on saturday night, I was so happy. They won, 37 to 6 and I thought that was just great and my dad thought so too. If you’re wondering where it was at, the game was in Hamilton.

So that is the end of my story and if you watched the game and you're a fan of the Chiefs, then please leave a comment and tell me.


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