Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Shot Put

 The purpose of my writing is to inform kids about glide, and the rules so they can get better at shot put.     

I know most of you people reading this have tried shot put in your school athletics. If you have, then this is the story for you. So you want to improve your skills to take you from beginner to intermediate, to do that keep on reading.

The Glide

1. Lift the shot, and carry it in the palm of your throwing hand. Position the surface of your palm facing upward, toward the sky. Transport your throwing hand up toward your neck, hold the shot against your neck, next to your jawline.

2. Turn your forward foot toward the front of the circle. Begin to turn your hips in the same direction. Wait until the movement of your hips begins to pull on the side of your body, then begin turning your shoulders. Swing your free hand behind you as you turn to add momentum.

3. Then you face backwards, bending downwards with the shot still against your neck. Keep bending until your leg reaches a 90 degree angle. At last you spin around the putting circle at 180 degrees, then you let go.

Note: It is better if you you push fast and hard at about 40 degrees.

Some Rules:
1. When you finish putting your shot then you must exit from the back of the circle, or you would be disqualified.

2. You can not step out of the putting circle and you can’t even put one toe on the stop board.
Stop board: The stop board is a 10 centimeter wide and high block, in front of the putting circle.

3. You only have 60 seconds (1 minute) to get to the putting circle and start.
These things will all get you disqualified.

If you have improved your shot put skills using my instructions then please tell me by leaving a comment. Hope you have enjoyed and learnt more about the shot put rules and the glide, just like I have.

As you can see I have gotten a score of 12/18, which was scored by my friend, Gloria.


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