Friday, June 21, 2013

Prospective Student Writing

Strenuously climbing the towering mountains, Tarzan dangled from the vertical rock face.  Reaching onwards, he gripped onto a rock that looked like it was bound to fall. Luckily it was sturdy. He was so scared. With an apprehensive feeling, he was determined to climb to the top of the steep cliff.

 Reaching the top , Tarzan saw the Dojo. At that moment he had so many emotions running through his head. But what he was feeling the most was tiredness, anxiousness and relief.
 Walking towards the humongous door, he knocked and waited to see who would answer. He heard a clanking of chains coming from the hefty door. “Huh? What’s that noise?” he wonders apprehensively. Glancing up he sees a Sensei and in respect he bows. The sensei gives a penetrating stare and points to the right.

 “What?”, Tarzan gives in expression of his face. He thinks that he climbed up the mountain, risks his life, and goes to the dojo to gets rejected. So in reaction he drooped his body in rejection of the sensei and slumps off slowly.

 Then, to show the sensei he is worthy he meditates all night and day. Deep in meditation, Tarzan doesn't even realize that the door opened. But then he opens an eye and stands up. Again the Sensei points to the right.  So he then again turns away in disappointment.

 Then something struck Tarzan. He scrunches his face and turns around to prove to the sensei. He ran up and “BAM” the door was knocked out. One kick and it was gone. Ready to show he was worthy, the sensei came out and pointed to the right hand side again, for the third time.

   This time tarzan looked and there was a sign that said, “USE THE SIDE ENTRANCE”. In embarrassment he turned and walked to the side entrance. So all this time when he thought he was getting rejected, he was actually getting told to use the side entrance.


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