Monday, April 7, 2014

Bio Poem

Child of Viliami and Ana, Oldest sister to 3 younger sisters
Who is Funny, Tall, Annoying, and Talented
Who loves to love, Music, Family and Friends and Laughing for 3 minutes straight
Who enjoys Thunderstorms, Listening to music and playing sports
Who dislikes crying and wearing make up  
Who would one day like to live in Japan
Who feels happy with friends and is always in the mood for a smile and a laugh
Who wants to explore the world one day
Who wishes she could've met Nelson Mandela and her Namesake
Who is scared of serial killers and her friends and family dieing    
Who dreams of being a musician
Who is determined to explore the world and learn to play the guitar   
Who values her family, friends and Music
Who is proud of Being Tongan, who she is
Who graduated from year 7 and is now a year 8
Who lives in Japan, but truly lives in Auckland.


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