Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Speed Writing

This morning we completed a Speed Writing Challenge. In just 10 minutes we were expected to write a short story about Tiaki Taonga, or something to do with Caring. Then were given 5 minutes pair share and 5 minutes to proof read and edit. This is what I was able to complete in that time.

Every year we have a theme to help us remember how to treat others, not just for that year but for where ever we may be. Tiaki Taonga at Pt England School is about caring for our people, our success, our school, our efforts and our most treasured. My understanding of Tiaki Taonga is that it’s about caring for others. Like just last week, the prefects decided the school should have a R.A.K week (random act of kindness week). 3 ways you could show someone that you care for them is by saying hello, sharing something with someone or saying something nice to someone.


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