Monday, November 19, 2012

Camp Bentzon

Hooray, there is only 1 more night untill the amazing year 6 camp, I really can't wait.

On Kawau Island there is a camp called Camp Benzon. We get to camp by riding a bus from school to the city. Once we get to there, there will be a ferry(big boat) for the year 6's to catch and that is when camp officialy starts. 

I think the most exciting and cool activities will be the Confidence Course, Burma trail and Abseiling. I also hear that the Burma Trail will be the most relaxing activity. Burma Trail is when you get put in to partners, and the person blindfolded has to trust their partner to lead them across the course. This is not really an activity but I am looking forward to the dinners also. 

I am most looking forward to the raft making, because I like working in a team. I think that making a raft is something that I have never done but want to try out.

The only thing I think will be a challenge is the performance. I can sing but dancing is a huge problem. Not only that but we hardly even have a song and dance prepared. 

I am looking forward to this camp alot. Hopefully it is better than the year 5 and 6 camp.


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