Monday, November 5, 2012

The Bush

Walking through the bushes (a.k.a the shortcut) to Gloria’s house, Kaycee, Jonita, Tyla, Jorja and I stopped to pick some flowers for Gloria’s Mum. “Stay in groups, just in case something happens to one of us and Gloria’s Mum will really like these flowers, don’t you think?” Tyla says with the mixed emotions of nervousness and glee. “ Ummm guys where is Kaycee?”

Apparently, Kaycee thought she was brave and decided to go for an adventure of her own. Screaming with fear, she got dragged into the bush with a trail left behind. Luckily we spotted the trails and so we all went looking for our missing friend. Who could ever do something like this? Will we ever see Kaycee again? Are we ever going to get to Gloria’s house?....... These are all the questions we asked each other over and over again.

Meanwhile at Gloria’s house she started to get worried, so she came out looking for us and she also got the police involved in it. Quickly finding the trails, she learnt that it was a trail of somebody being dragged. In the meantime, Kaycee was too scared to do anything, but luckily we found her and the mean person who took her away in the first place tied us up too.

The police and Gloria then found us, “You're going into jail for a long time,” officer Bubbles said, slowly taking off the mask, it was a man named William Kimme, who has commits 2 crimes in the past 6 months. “ Thank goodness we’re all together again,” Gloria happily said.

At the end it was just a man wanting friends, and was crazy enough to kidnap some kids.


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