Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Camp Bentzon Recount

Dr Seuss once said “Don’t cry because it’s over, Smile because it happened” and that is exactly what I did when it was time to go back home. During camp on Kawau Island I had lots of fun and I am pretty sure a lot more of year 6’s will agree with me.

The Talent show and Singing battles with Miss Macdonald and Mr Samuels was my favourite thing at camp, well... besides from being with my friends at freetime and abseiling. Tuesday night, Wednesday night, Thursday night and Friday morning was when these battles and talent shows all happened.

Something I really didn’t enjoy was the long walk with Mr J on the first day. I would of prefered a swim or playing volley but no, it had to be a humungous walk up and down hill. At last we have reached our destination on the other side of the Island (at least it felt like it). That made me feel happy, right up to the point where I found out we have to walk back the same way. I also wanted Mrs Erasmus to be there.

During this experience, I have overcome my fear of heights and have learnt how to sail. I can’t wait for year 8 camp. I wish I could go to camp bentzon every single year.   


Ashlee P said...

Hey Lisia,
I like your stpry about camp Bentzon. You used lots of excellent words. I also liked it because you didn't drag it on it was short and enjoyable. You are a talented writer and I think you should be a author.

From Ashlee

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