Tuesday, November 13, 2012


Standing on the soaking wet grass, anxiously waiting, I felt the wind hit my back as I got ready to slide. First were the girls. We had to swim(which was just a water slide), bike and run. In other words, room 17 were doing a mini TRIATHLON.  

“In your marks, get set, GO!”  Brett said to start us off. Spraying water in our faces, I was so excited I got some water in my mouth. Hiding under soap and water, we ran to transition(change) to start our bike ride.

1st goes Taamai, proving that girls can be better than boys sometimes. Meanwhile, I had the worst bike ever. It was tiny, the seat wasn’t adjusted and I couldn’t even paddle properly. At last that horrible bike ride is over, but that is when I realised a tiring run will start.

Throughout this experience I had a great time, especially on the water slide.   


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